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Eliminate a Budget Buster With a Payday Loan?

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Payday LoansWant to eliminate a budget buster?  Whether your promise is to get in better physical shape, drop all your bad habits, or improve on your finances, the odds are that it is about changing your behavior – not such a simple task. Using simple shortcuts that remove some of the angst from the process can help you save more and spend less.  In the computer age, shortcuts are frequently called “hacks”.   After all, there are times that you just cannot reduce the amount of angst you have because of unexpected emergencies.  It has happened to everyone at some time or another.  A huge medical bill, car repair that must be done now or you can’t get to work, a major house repair because the last hurricane blew off some of your roof tiles, or a larger insurance premium than what you had expected.  Under these trying circumstances, you might have to consider putting aside your budget busters and applying for an online Florida payday loan to see you through.

1.        Paying Bills on Time

Problem:  Being forgetful leads to late bills which leads to fees and potential damage to your credit score.

Hack:  Most banks and credit unions offer automated bill payment you can set up online. Pay more than the minimum to work off debts faster if your monthly bills include debt payments. But make sure your checking account has sufficient funds to auto-pay all of your debits without over drafting your account. You might want to set up a backup system such as a savings account or credit line to cover a shortfall, just in case.  If you have an unexpected emergency where you need extra cash now, why not consider a payday loan Florida and get your cash before the next day.

2.        Saving More

Problem:  You don’t make enough to automate your savings and never seem to have anything saved at all.

Hack:  The old-fashioned time-honored method of saving using a cookie jar is a cheap and easy way to save. Just empty your pockets or purse when you come home. The cash you are able to save over a month, even over a year is amazing. Why not save dollar bills in a separate cookie jar? Make a game out of saving so it’s pain free.

3.        Avoiding Parking Tickets

Problem:  You are racking up parking tickets because while your intention is to run inside a store, double-park fast, it seems to be just the moment that your auto is visited by a parking meter enforcer.

Hack:  Always keep some change in the ashtray of your car so you can feed the meter.  Who needs to pay high ticket costs when you are trying to save more and spend less.  This is just the time you might need extra cash to pay for outstanding expenses that were not part of your budget.  Try a payday advance Florida to get you over the hump this time before Motor Vehicles doubles the fees.

4.        Using Coupons

Problem:  You would love to use more coupons and discount codes but you don’t have enough time to clip them or search the Web.

Hack:  Set up a RSS Feed to automatically create and maintain a searchable collection of deals and discounts.  You can use a free feed reader like Google Reader to subscribe to feeds.

5.        Try a Savings Routine

Problem:  You want to save more, but it never seems to happen.

Hack:  Take your lack of discipline out of the equation by automating your savings. That means saving before you see the money by transferring it from every paycheck into savings.  You can use a regular savings account or your retirement account. Instead of trying to find the money every month, watch it pile up. So, pay yourself first, and rock to the mantra of the money-enlightened. If you find yourself stuck, you can apply for a FL cash advance, get back on target by your next pay date, and catch up on automating your savings.

The following 5 budget buster tips are a few simple tips in getting started with your budget planning.  Think of other ideas that will meet your day to day needs.  Good luck and save, save...


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