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Financial Tips & Broken Budget Alternative Cash Solutions

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Loan ServicesHave you tried to control your personal debt?  Be financially responsible?  Work towards meeting your financial goals?  These are some of the ways financial experts suggest to get a heads up on financial planning.

You’ve heard of all or most of these tips. The experts will tell you to:

  • Get a handle on your spending. Write down everything you bought for one month. Save the money you have left over after paying your monthly expenses and then use the extra to pay down a debt.
  • Don’t fall into the minimum trap.  If you only pay the minimum payment on your credit card bill, it will take you years to pay off your balance. And it can cost you thousands more than the original debt.
  • Watch where you borrow. Leave your 401K alone or else you can fall short of your investing goals at retirement.
  • Some debt is bad. If you can’t afford to pay off your monthly debt in full, you should not charge meals or vacations on your credit card. Avoid interest charges that keep building up and put aside cash every month to pay for them and other items you consume quickly.
  • Build a cushion of three to six months of living expenses in case of an emergency. Expect the unexpected.

Sounds practical, doesn’t it?  Lots of great advice for staying on track, right?  It seems all well and good if you are able to follow these suggestions.  But, what if you can’t?  What if you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, seen your savings depleted over and over, found yourself earning less overtime, and winding up paying more for ordinary daily living costs, such as gasoline, food, house and car repairs.  And there is always something coming up. What then?

You have probably been one of the many consumers who have had to turn to an alternative solution for getting cash.  Florida payday loans and Florida auto title loans have become even more popular over the past few years because it just isn’t that easy to keep to a budget.  In spite of tweaking your budget, it just seems almost impossible to keep up with spending even if you have a full-time job.  In fact, it feels like many consumers have found that one’s best laid plans of sticking to a budget has gone completely out of whack.  The advantage of a payday loan is that it is a short-term loan.  Get your extra cash, use it the way you need to, and re-pay your borrowed funds on your next pay date.  It’s easy, convenient, and safe. You can apply for a loan right online.  If you need to borrow more cash, a Florida car title loan could be your best bet. Keep your car while you continue to make installment payments.  Do you have a clear Florida title to your car?  Then you may qualify for an auto title loan Florida.  You might even have enough left over to take your family on a well-deserved vacation to Disneyworld or the Florida Keys.

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