Internet Payday Loans in Florida is safe, secure, and convenient. Consumers apply online through a short loan application process. Cash is direct deposited into the borrower’s bank account and electronically withdrawn on their next payday. Many Internet payday loans are structured to automatically renew every payday, with the finance charge electronically withdrawn from the borrower’s bank account. However, rollovers and renewing a payday loan in Florida is not permitted.  Consumers in Florida must payoff their payday loan on their next scheduled pay date. What makes an online payday loan so convenient is you can apply online from your house or place of work. There is no longer a need to go into high risk check cashing stores or payday loan stores, and therefore you will savetime and avoid stressful situations waiting in those long lines with strangers.  Another reason online payday loans are convenient is you don’t have to drive and waste expensive gas looking for a storefront. Online payday loan lenders use a method of ACH which is Automation Clearing House to direct deposit the money to your checking account.  Keep in mind that many payday loan lenders have an ACH cut off time.  What this means is you must submit an online application prior to a stated time, so the payday loan company can submit the ACH before their ACH cutoff time with their bank.  For example, at Today’s Financial Services Inc. the ACH cutoff time is 7pm EST. Keep in mind that you must make sure your payday loan lender is using an SSL certificate on there application page so your data remains safe.  At Today’s Financial Services Inc, our secure data transmission uses 256 bit (SSL) Secure Socket Layer encryption. Therefore, all information submitted by the consumer is protected.