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Auto Title Loans become popular in Florida

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Car Title Loans FloridaAuto title loans in Florida have become a popular way for many people to obtain the cash they need quickly.  Auto title loans can be paid back over a 12 month, term, therefore giving the customer the flexibility of spreading their loan payments out over several months.  This in itself has caught the attention of customers needing cash fast, but need a little more time to payback the Florida car title loan.

A typical Florida Title Loan checklist may look like this:

  • Copy of most recent paycheck stub. This shows the lender that you are employed and have the means to pay back the Florida Title Loan.
  • A utility bill in your name at your home address.  Having this handy will verify your home address.This is the third detail in the list
  • Working home phone number or a cell phone number
  • Working email address.  This is very helpful because payment reminders via email will help you remember when your payment is due.
  • Florida motor vehicle title that is free of any liens.  Florida Title Loan companies will place a lien on your title until the debt is paid in full.  Once the loan is paid in full your vehicle title will be mailed back to the home address on file with the lender.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance.  Most companies are requiring full coverage insurance which means your policy must include comprehensive and collision.  Insurance policies should be prepaid for at least six months.  If you do not carry full coverage insurance, Florida Title Loan companies offer an optional loss damage waiver.  This waiver is usually sold at a small cost to the customer.  If for some reason the car is in an accident and is not in running condition anymore, simply have the car towed to the lenders lot of choice and the debt is waived.  Certain details apply so read the loss damage waiver carefully and understand what it is before signing your loan agreement
  • Quick vehicle inspection or simply current pictures of all sides of the vehicle will work.

So as you can see, the auto title loans become popular in Florida process is pretty simple if you have all the required items the lender needs.  Most title loans in Florida will be funded on the next business day, however some companies offer a company check, cash, or a wire transfer.

At Today's Financial Services we provide online auto title loans in Florida.  Our process is streamlined to make it more convenient for our customers.  Simply fill out our quick online application and we will be in touch ASAP.  Log on to http://www.todaysfinancialservices.com/.  Once we are in receipt of your application we will contact you and let you know the amount you are approved for.  At this point we will verify your information and get you the cash you need.  Today's Financial Services is a licensed lender in the State of Florida under Statute 516. 

Unlike other companies, we are a direct lender and fund our own Florida title loans.  Our interest rates are governed by the State of Florida and this is how we can provide a low interest rate title loan for our customers.

Make sure when you choose an Auto title loan lender in Florida they are licensed in the state. 

There are many companies using the offshore, sovereign nation, or choice of law model and there interest rates they charge are extremely high.

Many people own their car free and clear and want the flexibility of paying a loan back over time and this is why Florida title loans became so popular in Florida.

If you have a free and clear motor vehicle title, contact Today's Financial Services today and get the cash you need and still drive your car!


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