Applying for a loan is easy with Today’s Financial Services.

Customers qualify within minutes!  Our auto title loans have the lowest fees in Florida. Most cars within 10 years old with less than 170K miles qualify

If you have a clear Florida motor vehicle title you can qualify for this service, and best of all you can continue to drive your car. 

Simply fill out the “Get Started Today!” form and click “Apply Now” for an auto title loan.If you have questions about our title loan application process, contact our customer service.

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1.  Valid Drivers License
2.  Valid Florida Registration
3.  Clear Florida Motor Vehicle Title
4.  Proof of Income (current paycheck stubs or bank statements will be fine)
5.  Proof of Residence (2 current bills in your name at your home address)
6.  *Car Insurance

* Proof of Car Insurance – prepaid for 6 months with a $500 deductible on comprehensive and collision. If you have the required car insurance you will need to have your car insurance company name Today’s Financial Services Inc., additional insured lien holder/loss payee with a 15 day cancellation notice. If you do not have comprehensive and collision on your policy, or your car insurance is not prepaid for at least 6 months with $500 deductibles; we can provide an optional debt cancellation damage waiver at a small cost to you. If the loan is paid back in full within 60 days of transaction date, you will qualify for a discount on the optional debt cancellation waiver.

Car Title Loans Fort Lauderdale

Finance charge; maximum rates:
The maximum interest rate shall be 30 percent per annum, computed on the first $3,000 of the principal amount as computed from time to time; 24 percent per annum on that part of the principal amount as computed from time to time exceeding $3,001 and not exceeding $4,000; and 18 percent per annum on that part of the principal amount as computed from time to time exceeding $4,001 and not exceeding $25,000. The original principal amount as used in this section shall be the same amount as the amount financed as defined by the federal Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The cost of your credit as a yearly rate shall not exceed 35% APR which includes all loan fees, interest, and principal. Example $1000.00 Loan: APR 34.61% (The cost of your credit as a yearly rate) Finance Charge $216.63 (Dollar amount credit will cost you), Amount Financed $1098.58 (The amount of credit provided to you or on your behalf), and Total of Payments $1315.21 (The amount you will have paid after you have made all payments as scheduled.

Financial Implications:

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS CHARGE.  If the ACH Debit to your account is returned unpaid for any reason, you agree to pay us $20.00.
LATE CHARGE.  You have a 10 day grace period.  On the 11th day past due $15.00 dollar late charge will apply.
PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY.  No pre-payment penalty for early pay.

Collection Practices:

Sometimes unexpected things come along and you cannot make your scheduled payment.  Today’s Financial Services Inc. works with all our customers to assist in getting back on track.  Stay in touch.

Potential Impact to Credit Score:

No Credit Checks however, we may report your non payment activity to third party credit scoring agencies.

Renewal Policy Information:

These loans do not have a renewal policy.  If you are looking to get more money you may be entitled to refinance your current loan. Call for details 888-573-0132.