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Both Health Savings Accounts and Car Title Loans Can Boost Your Nest Egg

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Car Title LoansToday boosting your nest egg is a top prioritySavvy-smart consumers have increasingly turned to the new-wave of smart strategies like short-term car title loans to offset unexpected expenses.  They've found that it's the top-choice for protecting their savings and a can't miss for putting a positive face on that pesky debt fix.  It's really no stretch to say that title loans actually wind up boosting your nest egg because the money in your IRA investments and savings accounts can continue to grow while your title loan steps up to the plate.  All the more reason to keep you on the edge since these features make car title loans far more useful, flexible, and valuable than some people realize as a do-now fixer-upper for offloading a pile of debt.  They're pretty much the number one crowd-pleaser to a nagging problem - a sure way to keep pace with the up-to-date standard for turning your car into a valuable asset.  And even more, being able to use it while following a wallet-friendly installment plan. 

Take a shortcut to a win-win like so many other consumers.  It's easy.  Title loans have re-defined an entire category of finding available fast-cash hassle-free.  And more than that, they're a way of re-writing your own rules for preventing a budget-blaster.  They say that behind every great concept, there's a sure winner.  Decidedly lowbrow, but eminently the way to keep pace with the "New Normal".  So start to think about car title loans as just another way to boost your nest egg.  Killing two birds with one stone is not a bad thing.

Other smart-savvy consumers are now keen on using another way to supplement their nest egg.   In fact, millions of employees now use health savings accounts (called HSAs) to put aside pretax dollars for their medical expenses.  While the money you contribute (up to $3250 for individuals and $6450 for families) continues to grow.

That's because you don't have to use the funds in an HSA by any particular time - there's no deadline.  You can even leave it to your spouse if you die.  As an employee, you simply add to your HSA with pretax dollars after a medical expense has occurred.  And then reimburse yourself.  If you change your job or even lose your job, you can still keep your HSA and maintain control of your account.  It means you can still withdraw money and also tap your funds to pay for health insurance coverage.  The only hitch is that you must be enrolled in a high-deductible health insurance plan with deductibles of at least $1250 for singles and $2500 for families.  Health savings accounts are more flexible than Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) that require employees to predict their medical costs for the year in advance.

In their own ways, car title loans and health savings accounts are smart ways to boost your nest egg.  Today, everyone is looking for smart strategies to stay above the water.  It's time to be confident again.  All the more reasons to get off to a fresh start.  Pack a potent punch to your financial picture.  Car title loans and health savings accounts are a good way of getting your head in the game.

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