Payday Loans | Prepaid Debit CardsPrepaid Debit Cards are becoming the “New Normal” along with alternative solutions for getting immediate cash. As smart consumers continue to turn to non-traditional lenders such as unsecured short term credit lenders, also known as payday loan lenders, to meet their immediate credit needs, consumers are also opting to have the proceeds from their payday loans direct deposited to a Prepaid Debit Card.  In fact, the “New Normal” motto for more and more borrowers is “No Minimum Balance, No Late or Overdraft Fees, No Bounced Checks, and No Credit Bureau Checks”. It is apparent that Prepaid Debit Cards have become the new kid on the block. In the past, many consumers have been underserved because of beeps in their credit history. That has made it difficult for those consumers to establish credit or qualify for bank loans and credit card advances. It is no wonder that Prepaid Debit Cards have become a venue for financial empowerment to those consumers whose financial situation requires a workable solution to meeting their immediate cash needs. For an increasingly larger number of consumers, Prepaid Debit Cards have become a safe, convenient, and simple way to say good-bye to high interest fees, late charges, over the limit fees, and other charges from banks and credit card companies. It has simply become a way for consumers to manage money more efficiently. And it is a safe and fast way to receive immediate cash from a Florida payday loan when you find yourself in a pinch. So actually, what are Prepaid Debit Cards and how are they used? What makes them special? Essentially, a Prepaid Debit Card is powered by the consumer’s own cash. It is a less expensive alternative to a bank or credit card. Prepaid Debit Cards allow a consumer to direct deposit their paycheck, tax refund, government check, and even the cash from a payday loan. One of its main advantages is that it works like a credit card but is not linked to a consumer’s credit history or bank account information. But how does it work? A Prepaid Debit Card is linked to a bank checking account that allows direct deposits. There are no fees charged for direct deposits. In fact, consumers who sign up for direct deposits can be eligible for higher daily and monthly limits on all withdrawals and purchases.  Most Prepaid Debit Cards cover a consumer’s liability for transactions made by an unauthorized user just like the same protection offered by credit cards. Another advantage is that a Prepaid Debit Card works like a bank-issued debit card so it is FDIC insured in case it is lost or stolen. There are a variety of fee options for Prepaid Debit Cards depending on how a consumer plans to use the card. A Prepaid Debit Card can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted, such as ATMs, the Internet, for gas purchases, and shopping for groceries. It can be used to pay bills and even to set up an automatic bill paying schedule so bills are paid on time. Management tools for setting up a budget and tracking spending are easily available online or via a mobile phone. And access to one’s balance is available 24/7. Most Prepaid Debit Cards provide features such as free texting and alerts after every transaction. Overall, consumers report that it is impossible to overspend because it is easy to know just how much you have and just how much you are spending. Consumers also report that they no longer have to waste time running from one place to another paying a bill with cash or expensive money orders. Prepaid Debit Cards provide an alternative to carrying cash so they are more convenient and much safer. There is no need to wait for a paycheck, government check, tax refund, or payday loan to clear when it is direct deposited because your deposits are credited to your account immediately. You do not have to wait a number of days for your funds to clear. So how’s that for financial empowerment. Choose the direct deposit option and have all of your deposits turn into instant cash! When you find yourself in a cash bind and need necessary funds to pay back in a week or two, a Florida payday loan can be there exactly when you need it. You just have your payday loan direct deposited, and bingo! You’ve got the Go in your Cash Flow!