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How a Florida Payday Loan Works

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There are obstacles that get in the way from time to time and additional bills like popping up out of nowhere.  Many people take Florida payday loans out for car problems, an emergency trip or simply because they are in need of basic essentials. People take out a Florida payday loan in Florida when they know it is for something that cannot wait until they get paid.

In Florida, when it comes to the amount of interest and additional fees the lender can charge you, this is regulated by state law.  Florida Payday Loan lenders can charge a 10% fee plus an additional $5 verification fee on loans up to $500.  In the sunshine state, you are only allowed to take one loan out at a time. You will have anywhere from seven to thirty one days to pay it off.  Customers are not allowed to extend, rollover, consolidate or renew their loans.  Therefore, when the loan is due, that is the day you need to pay the money back.
Florida only alows one outstanding payday loan at a time.  This is a great feature for customers, as it will not allow them to get over extended on credit having mulitple loans out.

Florida payday loans are also known as:  Cash Advance Florida | Payday Advance Florida 

Today's Financial Services Inc, offers a 100% online Florida Payday Loan that is safe, secure, and convenient.  Why bother going to a store front and spending valuable time looking for parking and waiting in those long lines.  At Today's Financial Services Inc, you are always first in line.  TFS is also a direct lender licensed in the State of Florida under Statute 560 PartIV.

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