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How Credit History Can Affect You

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A credit score is really a number that tells a lender what your credit history looks like.  A credit score ranges from 300 to 850. It is thought to tell a lender how you are managing your debt, and if you are doing it in a timely and responsible way. You might want to check your credit score to see where you are in comparison to others. The law provides that you can receive one free credit score every year. If you find out that you have a low credit score, you should know that a low credit score can affect a number of areas in your life that you might not have thought about. Let’s see how it can affect you and cost you more than you think.

  • Renting an Apartment:  Did you know that a landlord or rental agent can check your credit score before agreeing to rent an apartment to you?  A bank will also want to know what your credit score is if you are trying to get a mortgage so you can buy a house.  If you need instant cash, you can apply for an online Florida Payday Cash Advance.  There is no credit check when you apply for a payday cash advance in Florida.
  • Utility Company:  Did you also know that a utility company such as the telephone, cable, electric and gas company can require a customer to put down a large deposit, sometimes two months upfront, when opening a new account if they have a low credit score?
  • Automobile Insurance:  An insurance company such as one that insures automobiles can use a credit score as a way of determining how much your insurance premium should be for the year.
  • Employment:  It might also come as a big surprise to you but employers can check your credit, and often do, to decide whether to hire you for a job.
  • Credit Cards:  Were you aware that a low credit score can mean only qualifying for a secured credit card, one that only gives you a small amount of credit along with high fees?

So, if a low credit score might wind up becoming an obstacle to you as far as getting the position you want or paying more for car insurance, being unable to qualify for the apartment or house that you dreamed about, or having to add cash to an existing secured credit card in order to have more credit which you are paying in advance for, you have probably worried about finding a way out of this dilemma.  A low credit score usually indicates that you have had some bad luck in paying down your debts on time.  We all have debts and during these difficult economic times, it would be very difficult not to have debts build up even though you have made every effort to control them.

The good news is that you can improve your credit history.  If you come up short and need emergency cash, try your best to repay the funds you have borrowed quickly.  With an express online payday advance cash loan, you can receive instant cash, pay down the unexpected debt you have, and pay back the borrowed cash on your next pay date.  As long as you pay back your Florida online payday cash loan on or before your next pay date, you will continue to build, and re-build your credit history.

So stress less, starting now.

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