Payday LoansHave you covered your financial bases?  Part of a good financial plan is to have all angles covered. First, you need to be settled into a checking account. Then you need somewhere to put aside funds for retirement. These accounts are generally referred to as retirement or investment accounts. Your employer contributes to this fund, commonly known as a 401K, usually matching your contribution. Next, you need to cover yourself in the event of unexpected expenses. If you are able to put aside at least a small amount into an emergency fund every paycheck, you are on the right track.  Just remember that if you need extra cash for something that has come up and you need to do it before your next paycheck, you can take advantage of an alternative solution for getting cash – a Florida payday loan.  That’s really cash in advance of your next paycheck also referred to as a short-term loan.  What’s good about it is that your cash is direct deposited into your checking account by the next business day and the loan is re-paid by your next pay date.  There is no interest charges building up every day and you don’t even have to go through a credit check.  Here are some tips for you to consider. If you know what your money habits are, you can choose the best kind of bank account, and the one that comes with the lowest costs.  Banks offer different kinds of checking accounts.  Some pay interest and some do not. Others have some perks, while there are accounts that are set up for those with limited incomes. There are things they do have in common, however.  They might have fees or restrictions.  Sometimes fees can be waived if the consumer meets particular requirements.  Here are some things to consider when you a shopping around for a bank. It is usually the case that the larger your balance, the more apt you are to get free checking with interest. If you decide upon a non-interest checking account, the average minimum balance according to financial experts is just about $185.50 in order to avoid a monthly fee.  Some no-fee accounts will limit the number of checks you can write and charge a high fee if you go over that limit. Many customers choose to sign up for a no-fee, no-frills, flat-fee checking account if they do not write out many checks during the month and do not want to encounter high fees if they do not meet the minimum balance requirement. It is also not a bad idea to find out how many ATM machines are located near your home or work. Remember that every time you use a non-network ATM, you are charged two fees. These surcharges begin to build up, so why waste money.  Try your best to always use your own bank for withdrawals. Many experts agree that withdrawing funds from your 401K is not a good idea.  It is far better to leave your money in your retirement account and let it continue to grow. You might consider not turning your savings upside down either.  If you find yourself in a bind, such as needing extra cash for a house repair, car repair, medical payment, or insurance premium, a payday loan FL can be the best choice to get you through financial distress.  Florida payday loans are regulated by the Florida Statutes. They are a fast, efficient, and convenient way of solving a cash shortage.  Many residents of the State of Florida have turned to payday cash loans to get them over a hurdle.  Use it as an alternative solution for cash and then you will be back to basics.