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How To Find A Direct Licensed Car Title Loan Lender

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licensed title loan lenderLicensed Title Loan Lender

Every day, thousands of Floridians find themselves struggling with an unexpected expense or financially crushed by a lost job or increases in the cost of living. Whatever the cause, we understand that sometimes people need a quick cash infusion. After all, when the air conditioner needs repair during the middle of a Florida heat wave or the car needs fixing so you can get to work, you really can't afford to put the matter off until you have more cash on hand. That's when you need to find a licensed title loan lender, like Today's Financial Services.

Today's Financial Services provides fast loan approvals and funding. In fact, the application takes just 25 minutes, and you can get your cash right away! In addition, Today's Financial Services is a licensed car title loan lender, approved by the State of Florida.

Always work with a licensed lender. A direct title loan lender works to provide Florida consumers with low interest loans with terms that fit comfortably into their budgets. Licensed lenders are also established, not fly-by-night, quick-buck artists. A licensed title loan lender builds their clientele in Florida's communities, receiving repeat business from satisfied customers.

To find a direct licensed car title loan lender, navigate to the Today's Financial Services website. There you will find loan options that immediately put your mind at ease. You'll see that there is no reason to keep stressing about money. You are in good hands with a direct licensed title loan lender.

Applying for a title loan

Direct title loan lender Today's Financial Services makes the process simple. First, go to the online application. There, you fill in your vehicle's year, make, model, body style, and mileage. Based on this, you will get an instant loan estimate. You will then speak to a professional loan consultant, who verifies your income, vehicle ownership, and other pertinent information. Many income types are acceptable, including W2 income, 1099, social security, business income, and others.

Once your information is verified, you just have to bring in your vehicle for a quick inspection. Your loan consultant will review the paperwork and answer any questions. You get your cash right away!

An original Florida car title is necessary. If your title is missing, you can obtain a replacement from the Florida DMV same day.

Direct is the way to go

When it comes to car title loans, a direct title loan lender provides the best terms and service to auto title loan borrowers. Direct lenders write and service the loans. This provides several advantages to the borrower.

First, customer service is always a priority. Since direct lenders service the loans, they care about customer satisfaction. A direct lender works to provide its clients with efficient and reliable service. Its loan consultants take the time to fully explain loan programs and loan options. They answer all questions thoroughly and make their clients feel at ease. Because of this, clients keep coming back.

Customer satisfaction is not always the case when it comes to loan brokers. Brokers write loans and sell them to lenders. They have less interest in the long term. Their businesses are rooted in filling a pipeline of loans as fast as possible and turning customers over quick. Since they will not service the loan, they have much less interest in the customer's return business. They thrive on one-shot deals. They make their money on commission.

When you go through a direct lender, you get a better deal because there is no commission. Loan brokers add fees and interest to loans, creating an unnecessary burden on the borrower. When you need an auto title loan to help with an emergency, the last thing you want is to pay unnecessary fees and interest.

At Today's Financial Services, borrowers receive rates as low as 2.19 percent monthly. Often, the rates through Today's Financial Services are much better than alternatives, like credit cards or payday loans. Payments are also spread out over a 12-month period, allowing borrowers to pay off their debts at a rate comfortable for them. When title loan borrowers go through a direct lender, they win.

How a title loan differs from a payday loan

Payday lenders charge much higher rates of interest. Often, the fees and interest on payday loans rise to the triple digits. As you can imagine, such giant fees and interest lead to very high payments. As a result, many payday loan borrowers find themselves unable to pay off the loan before the term expires. Having no choice, they must roll over the loan, accruing more fees. This leads to a cycle of debt.

Title loans help borrowers get out of debt. Because lenders like Today's Financial Services provide simple interest loans, borrowers are not stuck paying extremely high interest rates. Simple interest loans charge interest only on the borrowed amount, which keeps loan payments and interest charges low. Payday loan lenders, like credit card companies, charge interest on the borrowed amount and on the accrued interest. Interest charged upon interest results in those triple digit interest rates, the rates that trap people in debt.

How title loans work

Title loans use your car title as collateral. Because the vehicle title serves as collateral, you receive a much better loan rate than through a payday-loan store. Since payday-loan outfits require no collateral, they charge very high interest rates.

Vehicle title loans are designed to allow vehicle owners access to the value in their vehicles without having to sell the property. Many people have thousands of dollars of equity in their vehicles when a financial obligation, like a medical bill or appliance repair, suddenly crops up. Selling their vehicle to obtain that money would take too long. Ever more importantly, they need their vehicles for transportation. If they sold their vehicles, how would they get to work or take the kids to school?

The title loan was invented so vehicle owners can access the equity in their vehicles while still driving them. Title loan customers agree that when you have equity in your vehicle, a title loan is one of the most economical financing options.

Most title loan customers are happy that a cost-effective solution to financial worries is just a quick application away. These days, the importance of financial security cannot be overstated. Everybody needs some extra cash from time to time. With a licensed title loan lender like Today's Financial Services, the cash you need can be in your pocket today!

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